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CambriLearn offers customised online learning for the British syllabus schooling.

We provide the Foundation I, Foundation II, International GSCE, AS Level and A Level learner with the infrastructure consisting of computers with an internet connection to access the Cambrilearn Platform.

Foundation I (Grade 7): Afrikaans I, English I, French I, Mathematics I and Science I

Foundation II (Grade 9): Afrikaans II, English II, Mathematics II, Science II and EMS

International GSCE (Grade 10 & 11): Examined externally by Cambridge International Examinations. Accounting (0452), Biology (0610), Business Studies (0450), Chemistry (0620), Economics (0455), English First Language (0500), French (0520), History (0470), Mathematics 2019 (0580), Mathematics 2020 (0580) and Physics (0625)

AS Level (Grade 12): Examined externally by Cambridge International Examinations. Accounting (9706), Afrikaans 2019 (8679), Biology (9700), Business (9609), Chemistry (9701), Economics (9708), English Language (9093), History (9389) European History, History (9389) International Relations, Maths 2019 - Pure Maths P1 (9709), Maths 2020 - Pure Maths P1 (9709), Maths - Pure Maths P1 & P2 (9709), Maths - Mechanics P4 (9709), Maths - Statistics P6 (9709) and Physics (9702)

A Level (Grade 13): Examined externally by Cambridge International Examinations. English Language (9093), History - Holocaust P3 (9389), History - The Dictators P4 (9389), Maths - Pure Maths P3 (9709) and Maths - Statistics P7 (9709)

Cambrilearn works as follows:

Online Learning Content: Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC. All learning material is created by full-time professionally trained teachers.

Instant Chat with Subject Specialists: Have a question for your teacher? Ask your teacher immediately via the platform messenger and receive an answer that day.

Online Classroom Sessions: Interact with your teacher and other students via weekly online classroom sessions giving you the ability to get answers to your questions.

Student Tracker: Have your academic progress tracked by your parent or tutor, allowing them to support your learning journey - includes course results, course progress, assignment progress.

Marked Assignments & Exams: Submit your assignments and mock exams via the platform and get personalised feedback.

Live Lessons: Attend weekly live lessons conducted by subject matter experts, who cover the more difficult topics as well as exam technique. Search and view recordings of past live lessons in order to maximise your knowledge.

Cambrilearn offers the following products:

CambriLearn Standard: This package provides personalised learning for students who require less teacher intervention than the Premium package. It offers Interactive Learning Content, Live Online Lessons, Chat Forums, Student Tracker, Marked Assignments and Marked Final Exams.

CambriLearn Premium: This package provides students with access to the full bouquet of learning features offered by CambriLearn. It offers everything offered in the Standard package, PLUS: Instant Chat with subject specialists, Online Question & Answer Sessions and Marked Mock Exams.

CambriLearn will engage directly with any potential clients referred by Conscious Mind. CambriLearn will contact the potential client to sell the product and facilitate the subscription and payment process.

Teneo School at Home

We provide learners from Grade 7 to Grade 12 with the infrastructure for Live Interactive Virtual Classrooms with real teachers presented by Teneo School at Home. Classrooms are recorded and available for replay. Learners can access online, AI-assisted learning material for self-study and progress measurement.

The online school solution includes:

  • Caps curriculum as outlined by the Department of Basic Education resulting in students qualifying to write their grade 12 exams as administered by Umalusi.
  • Project work assignments, tests and exams.
  • A portfolio of evidence for the Department of Basic Education, accumulated in their system.
  • Termly reports with marks and comments.
  • School commences at 7h30 for 08h00 and ends at 13h00 for 14h00 CAT Monday to Friday.

Teneo School at Home will engage directly with any potential clients referred by Conscious Mind. Teneo School at Home will contact the potential client to sell the product and facilitate the subscription and payment process.

Business Services

Aimed at businesses and individuals, we offer the following services:

  • CV Creation
  • Budget Planning
  • Presentations
  • Business Plans

Coming Soon: Certified soft skills training. Aimed at businesses and individuals, we intend to facilitate and present training events in:

  • Pastel (Coming Soon)
  • Microsoft Office 365
    • Microsoft Excel 2016 (Coming Soon)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Coming Soon)
    • Microsoft Word 2016 (Coming Soon)
    • Microsoft Access 2016 (Coming Soon)
  • Kepner & Fourie Thinking Dimensions (Coming Soon)

Internet Services

Our facilities are available for all students of any age.  Our services include:

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